Barcelona :: Where to stay, Eating and Nightlife

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I lived 3 years in Barcelona and after that I kept going to spend holidays, weekends, summers and to visit friends. Although many times I stayed on my friend´s houses, sometimes I preferred to stay in hotels. Some other times, … Continue reading

Barcelona :: Day 1

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Everybody that knows me knows that Barcelona is my favorite city in the entire world. Not only because I lived 3 of the most beautiful and happy years of my life there, but also because it´s a wonderful city, that … Continue reading

:: Lisbon : great place to eat! ::

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I´ve been to Lisbon many times. Once I went to visit a friend, another one I went to an event from my job, and the other ones I went to stay the weekend but I never did much “touristing”. I … Continue reading

::Madrid : Part III Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife ::

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In this post I will give you some suggestions of restaurants, bars and nightlife in Madrid. I will try to maintain this updated, with new hotspots every time I found a new one. :-) Ah! the only hotel I recommend … Continue reading